Yet Another Newsletter LOL: 3 Lines of CSS

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Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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This was a fun thread on the making of the Matrix. Also, I can’t believe this movie came out 24 years ago! 😱

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Deliver, be kind, and the opportunities will follow.

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I got to hang with some of my favourite people this week. Dan and Bekah from Virtual Coffee! I was a surprise guest for the season 7 finale. Thanks again for having me on!

I also got to hang with Dan Jutan, who works on the documentation for the Astro and SolidJS projects. Loved the conversation. Thanks for hanging Dan!

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I also popped on JavaScript Jam Live this week. Lots of great conversations.

And lastly, I’m hanging with Josh Goldberg early next week. We’re going to have some fun writing custom ESLint rules!

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