Yet Another Newsletter LOL: Reinvent the browser

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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This baby elephant interacting with a news reporter brought a smile to my face. 🐘

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“it’s all just pixels and the only limit is up here (your brain)” – Jhey Thompkins at Smashing Conf 2022

Check out Jhey’s full talk, Take Your Skills To The Moon With Creative Coding

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This past week I got to hang with BekahHW on the stream. We discussed the Deepgram web browser extension and what it can do. From there I did some live coding to fix a bug in the extension and then we started a proof of concept of having the transcription appear on the page instead of the extension pop up. The recording should be up on YouTube in a couple weeks.

Here’s a highlight from the stream.

Live stream highlight for the Deepgram browser extensions with BekahHW