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Jest 28 is out with a bunch of improvements including some speed up for CI.

Jest 28: Shedding weight and improving compatibility 🫶 · Jest
Jest 28 is finally here, and it comes with some long requested features such as support for sharding a test run across multiple machines, package exports and the ability to customize the behavior of fake timers. These are just some personal highlights, and we’ll be highlighting more in this blog post.

My coworker Eduardo wrote up a really great deep dive into Netlify Edge functions. If that’s your jam, read on…

Living on the edge: A deep dive into Netlify Edge Functions
What are Netlify Edge Functions? Learn how Netlify’s new serverless runtime environment works, and how to use Netlify Edge Functions to execute code even closer to your users.

This is a great resource care of Andy Bell. Andy is so damn talented. Give him a follow on Twitter if you aren’t already! I’ve added this to my Frontend Developer Resources 2022 post, so check that out too while you’re here!

More TypeScript goodness care of Matt Pocock, if it’s your type of language.

TypeScript tips and Tricks with Matt
TypeScript tips and Tricks with Matt
TypeScript tips and Tricks with Matt

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My old coworker Molly with some dank memes as always

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Not a shameless plug per se, but I’m feeling like I’m fitting in it at the new job. 😎