Yet Another Newsletter LOL: The Unmentioning

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

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The blind programmers who created screen readers - The Verge
The screen reader JAWS was dominant for decades before upstart open source alternative NVDA came along. This is the story of the blind programmers who pioneered accessibility software

My coworker Ryan drops a great read about frameworks

The Cost of Consistency in UI Frameworks - DEV Community
Sometimes there are problems that have no universally good solutions. There is some tradeoff to be… Tagged with react, vue, svelte, solidjs.

A great post from Rizèl Scarlett about Developer Advocacy

The Hard Parts of Developer Advocacy (for me) - DEV Community
Pivoting from software engineering to developer advocacy is the best career decision I have ever… Tagged with devrel, career, discuss, community.
Twitter now lets all users ‘unmention’ themselves in tweets – TechCrunch
Twitter announced today that it’s rolling out its “Unmentioning” feature to all users on all devices. The new feature, which Twitter initially began testing in April, allows users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to be a part of. “Sometimes you want to see yourself out,” the social media giant said in a tweet. […]

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Finish him! Click through to see the video.

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VS Code Tip of the Week: 3-way Merge Editor - Just Some Dev
If you haven’t already, grab the June 2022 Release of VS Code! If you’re on Insiders, then there’s…

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What is Deno?
I got to hang with Deno core team member Luca Casonato a couple of weeks ago to discuss a framework he created called Fresh! You can check out Fresh: a new full stack web framework for Deno with guest Luca Casonato on my YouTube channel. Fresh runs o…

Here’s a highlight from my stream with Drew Clements talking about all things Vue! You can catch the full stream on Twitch still, but it’ll disappear from there in just over a week. I’ll be dropping the full recording on my YouTube channel early next week.

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