Yet Another Newsletter LOL: You get an API and You get an API!

Another week, another newsletter. Let’s get to it!

HTTP3 has been standardized

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I always love reading the Rapid API Tweets for explainers

This was started by Todd Motto a while back and Cory House dropped a Tweet to remind us of this great list of public APIs

GitHub - public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs
A collective list of free APIs. Contribute to public-apis/public-apis development by creating an account on GitHub.

My coworker Ryan dropped a great read

Patterns for Building JavaScript Websites in 2022 - DEV Community
Deciding on the approaches and tools to use to build on web these days can be a challenging prospect…. Tagged with javascript, webdev, patterns, architecture.

It’s not for everyone maybe, but I like the spirit and fun of badges. The YOLO one cracked me up. 🤣

Introducing Achievements: recognizing the many stages of a developer’s coding journey | The GitHub Blog
Available in public beta today, we’re announcing Achievements as a new way to commemorate milestones on GitHub.

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You’ll need to click the Tweet to see the TikTok, but it’s worth it

Thor has competition

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This made me laugh, but it’s also a friendly reminder to get your stuff out there and learn in public

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I got to hang with my friend Dan Ott and talk about moving the Virtual Coffee site to Remix. Thanks for hanging Dan!

Moving the Virtual Coffee site to Remix with Dan Ott
Moving the Virtual Coffee site to Remix with Dan Ott
Moving the Virtual Coffee site to Remix with Dan Ott

I’ll be speaking on a panel at Front-End Test Fest 2022! I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty excited! Hope to see you there virtually!

Front-End Test Fest | June 2022 - Automated Visual Testing | Applitools
A free one day, single track, virtual conference for software engineers looking to improve their front-end testing strategies.

If you feel like putting up with me talking, feel free to give a follow on and 😎