Bye for now VSCodeTips community!

1 minute read

This short post mentions that went offline on November 1st, 2022.

I'm a big fan of VS Code, hence the community I created, but it was no longer maintainable for me for a couple reasons:

  • Engagement – Engagement on the site was pretty low. Although we had almost 1300 members on the site, no one was really posting content. Aside from myself, I believe there have been one or maybe two articles published by members since April 2022.

  • Managing the community – I work full-time as an engineer, so my time is limited. There were only so many hours I could dedicate to building the community. TL;DR, the number of hours was really low.

I want to thank the folks who helped me moderate things. Shoutout to @thomasbnt and @michaeljolley and, I think, another community member. Apologies, but your name has escaped me at the moment.

The cost was not a factor. I paid about 25$ CAD a month for my Digital Ocean droplet (including backup).

Thanks to all that were part of the community. I encourage you to continue to post about VS Code, but instead of on our now defunct community, I encourage you to post on or wherever brings you joy.